How To RENDER Comics – shading, inking, and coloring!

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Free download — How To RENDER Comics – shading, inking, and coloring!

Rendering, whether it’s shading, inking, or coloring, gives shade and three dimensionality to your drawings. Without it, everything will seem 2D. Flat. We’ve collected some awesome instructors and professionals for this course for you on SkillShare!! At 6+ hours, this course covers all that you’d need!

Ed Foychuk starts us off with units that help explain Lighting. Going over lighting is important before you start rendering because before you learn HOW to render, you should learn the WHERE and WHY. Ed explains it all in a variety of units rag from simple to complex. Mike Van Orden takes us through pencil techniques. Explaining how to use the pencil in various was so as to take in the knowledge from the lighting units, and give our drawings for with pencil.

By the end of this course we promise you that you will be far more confident, not only in your rendering skills, but your understanding of the ‘where’ and ‘why’ that so often eludes bning artists. So join us in this awesome adventure, and let’s bring your drawings to life!!

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