Complete Python & Data Science Course for Absolute Beginners

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Free download — Complete Python & Data Science Course for Absolute Beginners

Learn Python from its very essential topics
Become an Absolute Python Professional
Develop your own Portfolio with the many python and python-related projects in the course
Learn concepts like Data Science and machine learning
Create Apps and Games alike with Python
Datamining Fundamentals
Building Dataframes using PySpark
Learn about Data analysis with Seaborn and Pandas

No programming knowledge needed, this will teach you from the very bning
Some of these Lectures are recorded on a Mac using Google Colab, but it is not required
Numpy, Jupyter, and Anaconda packages
More Requirements will be explained and demonstrated in the Lectures

You might be wondering.
“Why should I learn programming”
Programming is the #1 requested skill by employers with many jobs left unfilled yearly.
With our courses, anyone can learn to code.
Do you want to learn
How to teach a self-driving car to navigate a highway
How to detect objects, emotions and colors in videos
How to restore images with code
Build the next big machine learning app!
Learn how to
build machine learning projects
add machine learning and data science to your resume
This bundle
does not assume any level of experience
is perfect for bners
No math or programming experience necessary.
Learn how to code in Python.
Build and run your first Python projects.
Think like a Python developer.
Learn how to use popular Python libraries
NumPy – fundamental package for scientific computing in Python
Matplotlib’s Pyplot – data visualization with plots, graphs and charts
Pandas – fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use data analysis and manipulation tool
Learn machine learning and artificial intelligence from scratch.
Learn how machine learning can solve problems in all disciplines.
Learn how to build a machine learning program.
Take your skills to the next level by building a huge range of models.
Build regression and classification models
Build artificial intelligence search algorithms
Build a full portfolio with practical machine learning projects.
Use Tensorflow 2.0 and Keras to build fun bner projects.
Classify images, species of plants and more.
Dive into deep learning and master highly desirable skills.
Add projects to your resume in no .
Learn a hireable skill and powerful technology
Help businesses find customer trends, leverage data to cut costs, and much more.

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DOWNLOAD LINK : Complete Python & Data Science Course for Absolute Beginners

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