Udemy: MATLAB for Control Engineers

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Free download — Udemy: MATLAB for Control Engineers

Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 12 lectures (3 hour, 1 mins) | Size: 1.02 GB
MATLAB for Control Engineers

What you’ll learn

Transfer Function Definition in MATLAB, Feedback Systems in MATLAB
Root Locus Analysis in MATLAB
Stability Analysis in MATLAB
Nyquis Criteria, Nyquis Plot in MATLAB


Theoretical bakcground on control engineering is needed.
Basic knowwledge of MATLAB is required.


In this course we teach how to use the MATLAB for control engineering topics. We basically teach the use of MATLAB for the following topics:

—- Polynomial Functions in MATLAB

—- Transfer Function Calculation Using MATLAB, State Space Modeling in MATLAB

—- Series and Parallel Connection of Control Systems in MATLAB

—- Impulse and Step Response of Control Systems in MATLAB

—- Second Order Control System Performance Parameters in MATLAB

—- Stability Analysis of Control Systems in MATLAB

—- Routh-Hurwitz Stability Check, Root Locus Analysis in MATLAB

—- Nyquist Analysis in MATLAB

—- Control System Application Tool in MATLAB

—- Control System Toolbox of MATLAB

—- More Topics are Added in Time (Pole Replacement, Controllability and Observability)

Control engineering or control systems engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with control systems, applying control theory to design equipment and systems with desired behaviors in control environments. The discipline of controls overlaps and is usually taught along with electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at many institutions around the world.

The practice uses sensors and detectors to measure the output performance of the process being controlled; these measurements are used to provide corrective feedback helping to achieve the desired performance. Systems designed to perform without requiring human input are called automatic control systems (such as cruise control for regulating the speed of a car). Multi-disciplinary in nature, control systems engineering activities focus on the implementation of control systems mainly derived by mathematical modeling of a diverse range of systems.

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