Let’s Build Startup for Remote Drone Operations, 4G & Video

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Free download — Let’s Build Startup for Remote Drone Operations, 4G & Video

We will build a Python, Java and javascript Applications to control from a WebSite many Pixhawk Drones with Live Video
Build Low Latency Cloud App to Operate DIY Drones From Anywhere in the World
How to Control Drone with Python Application running on a Raspberry Pi
Connecting Multiple Python Applications to a Single Remote Java App
Managing Data Concurrently from Many Python Applications
Low Latency Video Streaming from Raspberry Pi to a Web Page
How to Have Many Active Video Streams on a Single Web Page
Use Protobuf in Network Communication between Java and Python Applications
How to Build Single Page javascript Application only with JQuery
How to Control Simultaneously Many DIY Drones From a Single Web Page
Using Google Maps API to Setup and Read Mission Data From a User
Real Data Visualization From the Drones on the Interactive Map
Use Spring Boot MVC to build Application For 4G Drone Control
Multithreading Application Design in Java
Multithreading Application Design in Python
Distributed Application Design
What are Design Requirements for a Cheap DIY 4G Drone
Python Dronekit Library for MavLink Communication with Autopilot
Basic experience with Java, Python, javascript
Understanding how to setup and configure Raspberry Pi
Any practical experience with Pixhawk flight controller and how it connects to Raspberry Pi would be useful
In this course we are going to build a Cloud Application for Remote Drone Control Operations.

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DOWNLOAD LINK : Let’s Build Startup for Remote Drone Operations, 4G & Video

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